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Jumeirah Centre, Shop 23A, Jumeirah 1 Dubai, UAE, P.O.Box 83442
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Get tanned. Look beautiful.

We offer a revolutionary form of sun bed that produces both ultraviolet light and red light. The red light will help stimulate your skin to produce collagen, which will help it heal and regain its youthful look, while reducing wrinkles and scars. Ultra violet light will enable your skin to create vitamin D and form a nice tan.

If you want to get tanned, but avoid the regular side effects associated with tanning, we invite you to try UltraBeauty – it will rejuvenate your skin and leave you with the perfect tan!

There are no known side effects so long as you follow recommended guidelines. However, a physician must be consulted prior to treatment in case you suffer from light sensitivity, take medication that may make you more prone to light sensitivity, suffer from cancer, have any skin conditions, are pregnant, or suffer from any other major health concern.


  • 10 Sessions
  • AED 2,000
  • Single Session
  • AED 250